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Grandma celebrates her 75th with family!

Welcome to the world Gabby!

Yeti helps welcome Jackson into the world!

Mt. Olivet Farm magic!

Sarah and Stephen enjoy an amazing day of nuptials at Mount Olivet Farm!

Waiting for Jackson to arrive!

A little different twist on a classic head shot!


What a great day with great dogs!

The holiday shoot for FunnyBones in Lilburn was a blast… Check it out. and check out FunnyBones!

A meeting and head shots for Tellermate!

What a great group of employees and a wonderful day or photos…    

Golf Digest and the East Lake Foundation!

What an amazing fundraising event for the East Lake Foundation by Golf Digest. The “Golfer’s Who Give Back Gala” was a huge success, generating $125,000 dollars for the foundation and all of the kids and families they help! Top Golf was an amazing host… If you haven’t been yet, It’s a must. Steve Bartkowski and
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Check out the Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center!

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